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stormStanding in the Storm

Late spring and early summer in Iowa are definitely… interesting. After months of protecting ourselves against the cold, we open our homes to warm breezes. We enjoy the beauty and fragrance from a parade of blossoms, and our gardens begin to offer their bounty. Yet a change in our weather patterns also ushers in the possibility of severe weather. Storms bring their own kind of beauty, as our skies are filled with breathtaking displays of soaring, swirling clouds and flashes of light. They also bring potential for damage and loss.

Of course, we know that storms are part of life here in the Midwest, and so we prepare for them. We learn the signs of potentially dangerous weather. We pay attention to people who study weather patterns and give us warning when they see a big storm coming. We make and follow through on plans for where to go and what to do in case of bad weather. We discover that although storms may cause damage, we can clean up, help one another with recovery, make adjustments and continue on. We learn that we can withstand the storms.joseph-detail

Storms happen not just in our physical environment, but in our lives as well. From mid-June through July you are invited to a sermon series based on a man named Joseph, one of the most compelling characters in the Old Testament. His story includes family dysfunction, kidnapping, jealousy, false imprisonment, famine, and more. There was even a Broadway musical based on his life! Yet through it all, Joseph leaned on his faith in God to survive and even thrive and grow. Come as we explore how to stand through the storms in our own lives in strength, healing and hope.






Sunday, June 19

All in the (Dysfunctional) Family
Genesis 37:1-4








Sunday, June 26

Eaten by a Monster
Genesis 37:3-24






Sunday, July 3

Falsely Accused
Genesis 39







Sunday, July 10

Hard Time
Genesis 41






joseph sees jacob



Sunday, July 17

Guilt Trip
Genesis 42







Sunday, July 24
Finally Free
Genesis 43-45