Spring 2016 Capital Projects

As you may know, at church the Trustees Committee is responsible for the care and upkeep of our corner of God’s good world – the parsonage, church building, and grounds. Part of their work is to assess, plan and coordinate projects that support our mission through keeping our property safe, in good working order, and welcoming to all.  This includes identifying and planning for the elimination of accessibility barriers.

Handicap Ramp to Parsonage

hand_caneIn September 2015, the Trustees noticed that there was a large crack in the front parsonage sidewalk that had buckled and raised a few inches. They realized that this was a tripping hazard, and began to discuss how to best address this issue. In January 2016, after seeing several parishioners trip or fall on the steps while trying to enter the parsonage, Pastor Christie also asked the Trustees to consider making at least one entry handicapped-accessible. After lengthy discussion, the Trustees decided that it would be wise to address both the accessibility and sidewalk issues at the same time by replacing the parsonage’s front sidewalk and steps with a ramp to the front door. The lowest bid for this work came in at $6500, and includes constructing a wood ramp along the south side of the house, and raising the floor of the enclosed front entryway to match the house floor. Trustees would be responsible for removal of the existing concrete walk.

Video Monitors in Fellowship Hall

monitorAt about the same time, a parishioner approached the Trustees with several ideas to enhance our worship and fellowship space. After discussing them among themselves and with the Church Council, the Trustees decided to consider one of them at the present time – the installation of two screens on the southwest wall of the fellowship area, one to display the camera feed, the other to display the monitor feed. Both will help people more fully participate in worship, weddings and funerals when the fellowship area is used for overflow seating. The monitors will also be useful for other events that are held in the space, such as meetings, workshops and classes.  The cost for this project is $3,448.

Next Steps

Per our capital projects process, the Trustees recommended the parsonage ramp and fellowship hall monitor projects to the Church Council for fund-raising approval, and the Council voted to proceed with fundraising for both projects. After the necessary funds have been received – ideally by the end of June – each project will be submitted again to the Church Council for implementation. We will pursue the ramp project first, as we would like to get this done before fall.

Donations to the Spring 2016 Capital Projects Fund may be placed in the offering plate or sent to the church office. Please designate on the envelope or memo portion of the check, “Spring Projects.”

For more details, or if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a member of the Trustees (Mike Chingren, Chair) or Church Council (Jamie Cook, Chair; Guy Mitchell, Vice Chair). Thank you for supporting our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ by helping us keep our church property safe, accessible and functional!