The Trustees are the committee charged with care and maintenance of all church property

Trustees Guidelines- PDF


As stated in the Book of Discipline, Board of Trustees’ Power and Limitations – (1) Subject to the direction of the charge conference, the board of trustees shall have the supervision, oversight, and care of all real property owned by the local church and of all property and equipment acquired directly by the local church or by any society, board, class, commission, or similar organization connected therewith. . . (2) The board of trustees shall review annually the adequacy of the property, liability, and crime insurance coverage on church-owned property, buildings, and equipment. . . (3) When a pastor and/or a board of trustees are asked to grant permission to an outside organization to use church facilities, permission can be granted only when such use is consistent with the Social Principles and ecumenical objectives. . . (4) The chairperson of the board of trustees and the pastor shall make an annual review of the church-owned parsonage to ensure proper maintenance. . . (5) Subject to the direction of the charge conference as herein before provided, the board of trustees shall receive and administer all bequests made to the local church. . . (6) The board of trustees shall conduct or cause to be conducted an annual accessibility audit of their buildings, grounds, and facilities to discover and identify what physical, architectural, and communication barriers exist that impede the full participation of people with disabilities and shall make plans and determine priorities for the elimination of all such barriers.